Joining Hill Street

To enquire about enrolment, please fill out an application here or contact the centre on 04 473-5426.

Children are enrolled on a full-time basis. Having a small, close-knit group of children who regularly attend the centre each day helps create a warm family environment, and is one of the unique strengths of our centre.


Waiting list and place allocation

The centre maintains an active waiting list, and allocates open places according to the timing of upcoming vacancies and requirements of new families. We do our best to ensure there is a good mix of ages among children at the centre. Where possible, priority is given to siblings of children already enrolled.

Because we are a small centre with a small roll, it is important for the smooth running of the centre that vacancies are filled in as straightforward and timely manner as possible.  We encourage you to visit the centre and spend time observing daily life at Hill Street to get a feeling for whether we are a good fit for your family early on in the process.

We value commitment and clear intentions about enrolment from prospective new families. If you are offered a place at the centre, you will be given a clear indication of how long you will have consider your decision, and we encourage you to respect this time frame.

Settling your child into our centre

A settling in period lets your child become familiar with the environment and for parents to observe what happens each day.  Our aim is to make the transition between home and centre as smooth as possible.

Every new family will be matched with a key teacher, who acts as a starting point of contact for your child and assists with the transition into Hill Street. The teacher working with your family will be able to talk with you about your child’s preferences and routines during this time as well as work out a plan on how best to settle your child into centre life.